About Gianluca


Gianluca ┬ęPhoto by Mark Tucker 2009

I initially learned Reiki first degree in February 2004, a few months later I took the second degree and in May 2006 I became a Reiki Master.

Throughout the years I have continued to expand my understanding of Reiki healing by practicing daily Reiki self-treatments, which to me represents the most important tool in my self-growth and development within this practice.

At the same time, I have also continued to study Reiki healing with different Masters from the United Kingdom, United States and Japan, while also offering treatments to family members, friends and clients.

Most recently, I have completed Pamela Miles 100-hour Reiki internship program on the general surgery floor of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. This was a wonderful and enriching learning experience on practicing Reiki within medical settings supporting health care practitioner and helping patients with acute health conditions or recovering from surgeries. You can read more about my experience here.

Contact me to ask any questions you may have or to arrange your first healing session, either in person or through a distant healing treatment. We can also discuss how I can help you to learn practicing Reiki on yourself and on the people close to you, to enhance health and well-being.